Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh the things we do...

As I sit here right now it's 54 degrees with 31 mph freezing arse winds. I do have to venture out for groceries at some point today and I'm not so sure that I really want to. After all we have pudding and noodles, what more do E and I need to survive?

As much as I love being busy all the time, I equally love my slow, relaxing, boring weekends. The days when E and I don't even attempt to shower until 10 and maybe leave the house but only because we are certain that we cannot survive another minute without brownies or ice cream. We watch every Disney movie in our collection and not accomplish anything that we had planned to. Our lives are constant Monday through Friday 7-6 that it's kinda nice sometimes to not have a schedule or a plan.

Which brings me to my new found favorite. "Winging it". I've always been a meticulous planner. If I could have it my way I would have Christmas for next year planned already. It's been a big adjustment for me trying to let go of my plans when things don't happen like I had figured they would. Even though it drives me nuts and I get flustered and go a little psychoo I'm always reminded that things always end up turning out just as good if not better than they would have. Its those people that remind me it's ok that I couldn't live without.

Those great people that don't mind seeing me cry because they have been there to laugh with me many more times. They will show up in the middle of the night even if we haven't talked in months. A simple phone call in the middle of the day can turn my mood around. Funny nicknames and some sweet ones too. They know when I'm happy or when I'm sad but never push with the hard questions just let me know that they are there for me whenever I do need to talk. They never judge or make fun even when they probably should.

So here's to a wonderful rest of my life with the people that truly do love me and don't mind winging it and making it work through the hard and easy times.

Happy holyfriggenitsforrealthatthesnowiscoming weekend!!!



P.S. Everybody quit being creepy fucking clowns for Halloween!!! I want to kick you square in your face!!! Ewwwww.

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