Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friggen liar girls.

Girls are liars...

I'm talking about the ones that pretend not to like certain girl things. Sad sappy love movies, flowers, presents, love notes, sweet texts and calls, candles, smell good things and cute undies. If you are a girl and think that by telling guys you don't like these things makes you more attractive, you're wrong, it makes you look like you're trying to hide your wang.

I have just enough testosterone in me to enjoy a good game of football, pick beer over wine, hate snuggling and be able to belch with the best of them. This however does not mean I do not enjoy girl things. I will max out my credit card on new undies even though my drawer is overflowing and I have debated getting rid of other clothes just to have another undie drawer. I do not mind buying shoes I will wear only twice a year and I currently have a crush on a $900 purse. Good morning and good night texts and calls will make my day and you can always win me over with a big bouquet of lilies.

So ladies keep up the lies about his new hair cut that you absolutely hate, or his favorite shirt that makes him look homeless, but please be honest about the goodies. Because when you tell your man you hate cute things, they will listen to this one bit of information and then you can't get pissed off at him later for never sending flowers or scheduling massage days.

Love <3

P.S. Thank you sweet airwaves for giving up on the pop princess era, I tried on lunch to relive the 4th grade with Brittany, Christina and Mandy and I almost threw up a little in my mouth.

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