Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old pictures and new dreams.

I love looking through old pictures, so my SD card on my D-roid taking a crap was a blessing in disguise last night. I of course had a minor break down and then realized that my old berry had a healthy SD card.  I uploaded them all and had a memory session, it was perfect.

Miss E at 16 months
My little booger with a vocab of 25 words, learning how to run and being "cute" was one of the treasures I found. I can't get over how little and precious she was!

I found another picture that will be unmentionable for the time being but has great meaning right now. I don't even remember taking it, but last night it was a perfect find. I am a huge believer in fate and everything happening for a reason and last nights picture confirms it. "Picture" makes me ok that someday things will be just how they are supposed to be. Sappy, sentimental and a little girly? Yes, maybe so, but I love it.

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