Monday, June 10, 2013

You know it's a Monday when....

I'm usually a Tuesday hater but today I am joining the rest of the world and I'm despising Monday.

Thanks to the ultimate pooping boxer combined with the Katy Perry (hot then cold) husband and me not being able to get comfortable there was little to no sleep happening in our room and I really could have used that sleep.

My hair is a wreck and I'm wearing the most comfy work attire I could find.

Chobani and water just isn't cutting it and a donut and coffee sound pretty darn amazing right now.

Superman hasn't texted me in an hour so I'm assuming that he also decided to bail on his morning jog and curled up in his Army issued man cave instead to catch a couple Zzzz's. I'm happy and jealous all at the same time.

Now I shall work. Bugging people about turning things in just sounds like an awesome work day!



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