Thursday, June 13, 2013

Because I said so

There really is no reason for this picture other than I met the friggen Cookie Monster!
E isn't a fan of giant stuffed things so even Cookie was a bit intimidating but I couldn't wait to hop next to him! Big Bird on the other hand not so much.

Just because I haven't complained about this in a while... I need to run. I'm slow and slow and slow. I do kick some butt at ab stuff though! If I can keep up with Superman sometimes even a little I call it a win.

I am on the hunt for a new Galaxy case, I'm picky and indecisive and get bored within 2 seconds. I also need to find the screen protector that I had...wah wah wah it died and was my fav.

I'm on a DD kick. Donuts probably don't help my donut but it's my glimmer in the morning after cleaning up dog poop and finding damn spiders ALL OVER THE PLACE. Another reason to not permanently reside in the south.

Well I do believe that is all for today. I think there are a couple work related adventures I can do and then home for a cake and some bowling with my favorite 7 yr old! Yes you heard it here folks the mini super has turned 7. Balloons all around. 



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