Wednesday, June 26, 2013

22 years ago...

Two planets collided, the dinosaurs came back to life and there was a massive meteor shower. Ok no not really but my little brother was born and that's pretty much the same thing. He was little and scrawny and I just remember holding him first. I wanted him to be named baby brother and being two I probably thought he would be able to play with me as soon as he got home. 19 years ago we were having a Lion King birthday party with family and friends and this year we will be killing little umbrellas on the beach! Growing up sucks and I know I wish I could go back to wheel barrow rides and balloons again but we made some pretty good memories. So hugs and a couple pinches to my little brother who is now old and married and stuff. He's playing on a ship today because he is headed out to float on waters in a couple weeks but I'm sure my wonderful sister in law will spoil him tonight.

So happy birthday baby brother and many many more!



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