Friday, June 14, 2013

Dad style

With Father's Day this weekend here are some great things that I have take from my dad.

I will always be a daddy's girl. Rain or shine I always have been. I guess when they say a girls first love is her dad it rang true for me. I love that man.

Thanks to my daddy, a garage floor and an 80's boom box I learned how to dance and laugh and work on cars.

I know that a paycheck won't fall into your lap and even if you hate your job you do it well until something  else stable comes along. Supporting yourself, keeping food on the table and bills paid comes before your own pleasure of not sitting on the beach all day because that's really what you want to do.

My dad is a social butterfly through and through and if he doesn't know someone where we are (which is highly unlikely) then he will make conversation with them until he does. I was a very shy youngin but he rubbed off on me after a while. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard, if you think they are a scumbag after then so be it but they at least deserve to speak their piece.

Go hug your daddy. Send him a card. Pick up the phone. Or shoot him a little prayer.



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