Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh notsowonderful Wednesday...

I have a migraine. I hate it. I want to go home and sleep, not sit here for another 7 hrs and then go to dance and then go to the gym.

I had some good news, but then it turned into maybe good news because of course somebody is always trying to make things difficult.

There is a psycho red rundown Chevy Cavalier that has been stalking my condo. If any of you know some creep that likes to stalk condos and drives the vehicle described please inform me. I really want to kick him in his balls.

I love my office mom.  To the moon and back.

I am rambling and I'm ok with it.

My Day Zero project isn't working out to well.

Speaking of working out. I'm sore. Mr Trainer Man is on my shiz list.

Biznatches at work also need a swift kick in the nether regions.

I love people with opinions. I may not agree with your opinion, but I'm glad that you are thinking for yourself. Kudos to you! All of the people that judge others for their opinions I am in a kicking mode so I will gladly kick you in your ear hole.



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