Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh the things we see.

Yes my friends this is real. Please take your regular 5th wheel camper trailer and just chop part of the back off to accommodate a deck for your grill and add a regular sliding glass door. Home sweet home.
The plates are New Mexico so I don't have to really be ashamed of being in Montana but it honestly wouldn't surprise me one bit if it had MT plates on it. How's that for class.

On a pissy note. After we got to the destination and turned around to come back home I got a lovely rock chip right in my eye view. It really made me mad. Damn dually pickups.

I had every plan in the world this weekend to purge my house. Ya....I got one cupboard done. Beauty and the Beast, mini Supers and a nap were way more important.

Monday Muah!


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