Friday, February 3, 2012

50th Post and Superman Snacks.

That either means I have a life so I can't post as much or it means that my life isn't interesting enough to bore you with daily.

Either way Superman Snacks were an experience of a lifetime. Superman has a sweet tooth, especially for frosting, cookies and cookie dough. So we went on an adventure through creating a Superman Snack.

First snack was a yellow cupcake with a cookie dough center and Oreo frosting. It was a flop, the cookie dough centers did not turn out well. The cupcake and frosting did do very well though.

Second snack was also a flop due to Superman getting over excited with toppings. It started off simple with a sandwich of 2 Chewy Chips Ahoy and the above mentioned Oreo frosting in the center. Fine and dandy, then it was a genius idea to freeze them and then pour the Magic Shell ice cream topping on them and top that with sprinkles. Sugar overload. He didn't think you could go too far with sweets, yes Superman it's possible.

Lesson learned and now I have a bowl of Oreo frosting in my fridge that was breakfast for him and E this morning. I guess Friday can start well :-)

In other news. We are listening to hits from the 80s. Which is fine I can appreciate all types of music, but since I'm in a pretty good mood I would like dancing music while I battle deductibles and uninsured motorist coverages.

Weekend agenda will include a full on purge of my house, everything that doesn't need to stay will go, if I haven't used it or can't think of a time that I will, it will also go. Necessities because I need to de clutter bad. Organize my millions of papers I have laying around the house in random cupboards and boxes and have a closet clean out.

"I'm gonna rock you"


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  1. I envy your "if I can't use it, it goes" policy.

    Please come apply your theory to my vastly over flowing closet when you are finished. I'm fairly certain I have clothes I bought 15 years ago in there.


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