Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flies and Sunshine

E has become deathly afraid of flies...She is hiding under a blanket in 83 degree weather trying to watch Phineas and Ferb while ducking when the thing flies by. This is odd to me because the kid will drive a 4-wheeler balls to the walls. She will drive a jet boat same way with sharp turns and no care in the world. She loves amphibians, reptiles and rodents. We don't have a fly swatter and I believe we are the only family in MT that does not have one of these smashers in our home, every summer we complain because we don't have one and yet weekly we walk by them for $1 at Walmart and never grab one. That will be my goal for the summer-invest in fly swatter, maybe I'll even be picky and get a purple one :-)

Sunshine has finally arrived! It is 83 as I type and I couldn't be more happy. Last night while we were out I didn't have to wear a jacket and I had a tank and capris on. Today I am wearing shorts and went into public with them on. I have decided that if people don't like the slight amount of cellulite and stretch marks then they can not look :-) How generous am I?

Random note: I got an IM from my cousin a couple hours ago (that my Droid refuses to show me) that just read "we have beer". I'm not sure if that's an invite to come over and drink said beer or if he was just really happy that he had beer in the house? I will be calling to check in on him in a couple hours to see how much of the beer he has consumed and if he still has any at his home. I'm going out on a limb and saying as of now it has been consumed and we will have to drink beer at a later date.

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