Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Confessions of a...well I dunno what I am today.

I love whipped cream. To the point I will spray a whole can on one strawberry.

...have an odd obsession with frozen and fresh peas, could eat them daily. bread like a dur-da-dur, I peal off the crust first then ball the middle up.

...lay my deodorant down

...don't use my blinkers 93 % of the time (and that's stretching it a little).

...hate socks with a passion, I have even debated running without them.

...don't eat anything that has lived in the water. I can cook a mean fish though! to bake but everything turns out horrible, I spend entirely too much money on wasted baked goods.

...rarely eat steaks while eating out but love them coming off of moms bbq.

...check my phone as soon as I wake up.

...have a ton of pants that are pre-E that I will never be able to fit into again regardless of what weight I am.

...have a fear of ponds, lakes and oceans.

...gag when hair in the shower gets on or around my toes.

...would wear tanks and yoga pants daily if I could get away with it and not look homeless being blonde even if it is fake.

...have a strange obsession with pigs.

...keep alot of things secret.

...really love my job even though the people are bat shit crazy most of the time. a sucker for flowers but hate roses

...don't like wearing pink unless it's an accessory and mild, no barbie pink for me.

...sleep with an icepack on my feet most nights.

and... run up stairs, I never just walk.

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