Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am cutting caffeine out of my life. Probably not the greatest time to do so since I haven't slept more than 2 hrs straight in the last 3 months. Insomnia has hit and well the stress of a double d-bag and a regurgitated cum bubble probably doesn't help. I want to kick one in the face and tell the other one to grow up and then get lost.

Saturday's run was great! Adreneline thank you for showing up and I met my goals! I didn't puke, walk or get dead last! Woohoo! I actually did alot better than I thought I would.

Daddy's day was pretty much just another Sunday but I did tear up a little on the way out to PCtown. My parent's left with littlest bro to the wonderful ( I guess I've never been) state of PA. I had to drive Daddy's truck back to his house to save it from the hail. I had flashbacks the entire time of me being E's age sitting on the center console riding around. Just when the memories start flooding in some 80's George Strait comes on. That is when the tears started to come. It's the little things that get ya :-)

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