Monday, June 27, 2011

A case of the Mondays.

I have had a broken flip flop, bra strap and zipper all before 10 am. So here I am convincing dimwits that they do indeed have to pay their already 15 day late payments and that their policy will cancel while juggling a gimp, showing undies and a saggy boob. HELLO MONDAY!

Saturday sucked. Rockin the Windfarm was not a success. I have acquired a stalker. That is all.

Onto better news. I am headed off to the wonderful town of BFE on Thursday and I couldn't be happier. That little town just lets me breath and really think about life. Which is great because I have been in a "grass is greener" mood and that isn't the greatest thing. If I keep on that path this age of 22 will be super duper interesting. Now is when I need a BFF. Yes don't judge I don't have one. Trust issues have now backfired. Fail that was not better news.

Epic fail Monday...and to think Tuesday usually are the shitty days for me.

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