Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh yes sir.

I totally just blog stalked myself. I had a good time reading my old posts :-)

I am at work like every other weekday during the hours of 8 am to 5pm and yet I'm still convinced I really shouldn't be here. I would rather be anywhere else not because I hate it here, I really do enjoy it, but I'm beyond exhausted. If anybody has suffered insomnia you feel my pain.

My need for Christmas shopping is in full force, not because I want to but because it must be done. Santa is the present at our home. Must. Find. More. Presents. Good thing is she's a girl and thinks clothes are awesome (yes I will get away with this for as long as I can).

I'm exhausted and dance is tonight. I would rather not put up with the dance mom gossip so please cross your fingers that it won't be too overwhelming.

Laundry must be done as I have my fat pants on today because I have been neglecting my washer and dryer. I will also be putting up more Christmas decor, this makes me happy.

Short and choppy blog out!



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