Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Inspired by the Knottie Nesties

Why are men so terrified of a woman's purse?  There were some colorful responses and it really got me thinking.

How many times have you asked a boyfriend, fuck buddy or husband to go grab something out of your purse? I have a million times and I always end up with the whole damn purse on my lap. Really it's chap stick or my wallet!! Not like I asked you to grab a tampon or naughty toy (FYI there aren't any in my purse). And even if it was a tampon or the other would it really kill you? I mean if you're a boyfriend, husband or fuck buddy I'm more than likely sleeping with you which means those kind of things no longer register on the "not needing to know" list.

Is it really such a personal spot? Everything in my purse can be found in a drawer in the kitchen (pens not knives) or the bathroom which once again you are probably sharing with me at some point in the week if we are one of the above. I get men don't carry around a lot of stuff, but if you asked me to grab your Visa out of your wallet I wouldn't hesitate or even go digging through a coat pocket or glove box would be no big deal.

I swear men are friggen weird creatures a lot of the time.

That is all. Hope everybody had a wonderful Tuesday.

5 more days,


P.S. My pulled pork nacho food baby's name is Edward. I love him.

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