Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ai miei amici meravigliosi

Someday I will learn to speak Italian, until then Google Translate will make things look and sound awesome for me.

To my wonderful friends...

Alberto, my main woman, you have stuck with me through thick and thin, for this I thank you. You let me be happy, sad, mad and crazy and love me anyways. You knew things about me before I knew them and never pushed or prodded for answers but let me come to you when I needed to, never judging along the way. We have done everything together since we were 15, from running with crazy boys, to nice ones, putting up with high school, having kids and falling in and out of real love. For everything listed and more you are my true best friend and I love you to pieces.

My mommies...a wonderfully diverse group of ladies that started as a bottle feeding support group and now 4 years later we know everything about each other. We share our ups and downs and even though things are based mostly around the kids, there's never a question we can't ask without getting great responses and virtual hugs. Remember, a good monkey never monkeys with another monkeys monkey.

My knottie nesties...Yes that is your title and I'm damn proud of it! An overly rambunctious collaboration of chaos and chuckles. We do the ass kicking, the name taking, the drama, crazy in laws and physco coworkers, get angry at husbands for each other and have some pretty great bodily function discussions. What more could a girl ask for? You all will offer a hug or an honest response whether it's necessary or not and it's more than welcome. For being overly opinionated and not the pansy asses, I admire us.

Cheers with beers and large amounts of wine,

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