Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

My household is the reason shatterproof ornaments were made. The cats have already managed to climb to the top of it a handful of times. Between E and them I have put half of the ornaments back on the tree. The fake "needles" from the tree are strewn throughout all 3 floors and I look like I got party boy'd by 4 strippers thanks to all the glitter. All in all Christmas is in full swing in our house. Gifts should be arriving this coming week via El Target (thank you online shopping for saving my sanity). Now all I have to do is make some "presents" for decorating and find some awesome idea for my stairs and my entry way into my kitchen. Better homes and garden here I come!

Hope all of you had a magical Thanksgiving with your turkey hangys and booze bellies. Please be prepared that tomorrow is Monday. Yes, the dreaded start of another work week.

Love, hugs and finally turtle doves!


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