Friday, July 29, 2011

Orange tictacs and elevator music

Who invented this horrible music that they use for hold music and elevators? There has to be a better alternative! I am in charge of hold music for our office and I'm proud to say my clients get to jam to classic rock while holding :-) Do some of them hate? Yes but these are also my clients that listen to bathroom rap in their ran into the ground 82 Honda's with no muffler and a duck taped spoiler, and I'm also pretty sure they hate elevator music as much as the next person.

Orange tictacs make my world turn 'round. Thank you Target for your 4-pack of wonderful goodness.

I'm being a horrible customer service representative by blogging mid day but in my defense it's really like a 5 minute mental health vacation. I will only be 87% bitch instead of 98% when I do start working again. Yes you are welcome clients.

Tomorrow is Dirty Dash. Pictures and details to follow.

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