Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Boys pee funny...

...Because they don't sit like us girls do." Yes that was this morning's E-ism. Oh the joy of brilliance I call my daughter. She does have a fairly good point though, I mean girls are always getting laughed at for not being able to stand to pee, but doesn't everybody have to sit to poop? So since everybody has to sit to do one thing why does it make us the weirdos that we sit to do both? I think they are weird with their penises and their standing pees and stuff. Proud mom moment :-)

Another awesome little E-diddy from the ride to daycare this morning (apparently she's in a feisty mood today), "Mom I need you to work so I can take all of your money". Yes, sweetheart, you do take all of my money. If you don't have a kid and are planning on getting one anytime soon, borrow somebodies expenses for their child, for even one month. Make sure they are giving you the month with all of the field trips, dance outfits, birthday parties and doctor bills though so you get the full effect. I love the booger to death and back and would do anything to make her happy, but geez she's a money eater!

Things have been rough lately, but I plan on getting heavily Captain'd tonight while Booger is hanging with her father.  Judge away fellow comrades!

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