Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The dreaded doctor.

Why is it that nobody talks while in the waiting room of a doctors office?

I have had people strike up random conversations at the grocery store, public restrooms, restaurants and the park, but nobody talks at the doctor. Sometimes I will have somebody talk to me when it's E's turn for the dentist, but it's because of her.

I know the lady parts Dr is probably not every body's favorite place to be, but if there are two legit pregnant ladies sitting next to each other would it be entirely wrong for one of them to say to the other "How far along are you?". Apparently it is, I witnessed it today. One lady got really really snarky when asked her due date. Really lady? You're pregnant in the Ob's office! Maybe she was just crabby but that doesn't mean she needed to be rude by replying "Does it matter?". Hold the hormones "August 22nd" is apparently really hard to answer with. ! I was a complete bitch to E's father while pregnant, I admit it fully, but I wasn't rude to strangers especially with such an honest little question. Manners must have escaped some people's childhood. Thank you mom and dad for at least teaching my to respect others. Geez Louise!

Random question: Why is it called the doctor's office when you rarely go into an actual office of the doctor you are seeing?

Please note I am NOT  pregnant.

Back to work, lunch break is over.

P.S. Cheese for lunch, no cheeseCAKE. I'm proud :-)

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