Monday, November 4, 2013

When you dress your best you feel your best.

I have absolutely no style or fashion sense. None. If I'm in a dress I feel awkward and I'd live in my flip flops if I could. Everyone has a go to outfit, favorite shirt, or a pair of jeans that they feel invincible in, so what are yours?

Ribbed tanks are my go to top of choice, but I wear two. I have nice arms and shoulders, they are high cut enough that my boobs don't fall out but tight enough that they show nicely. The two instead of one is because it makes me feel more put together, it holds my stomach in :-)

Jeans and my worn out with huge holes ones to be exact. My butt looks nice and I don't have to show off my legs! Winner winner.

Shoes are a toss up. 95% of the time I will throw on flip flops and that's where I'm at but every once in a while I have to put my Ariats on. A little back home probably but it's a comfort wear, kinda like a favorite blankie I guess.

If I could wear my hair in a ponytail every single day of my life I would. I look better with my hair pin straight and down but it's no hassle when it's all twisted and pulled back and out of my way.

Makeup done and wearing the above mentioned I feel unstoppable. I will go anywhere and everywhere and act like a rock star. I work it and I guess comfy makes me feel sexy :-)

I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend and enjoyed their first weekend of thanks! To all of you that are hanging C-word lights like my neighbors please hit yourself with a frying pan for me. FFS people....



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