Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thank you!

He signed the dotted line.
He did not get called to do so, nobody told him he had to.
He enlisted voluntarily.
He may be 18, he may be 34,but he did so just the same.
He is single, he left only his parents at home.
He has a wonderful wife of 7 years and 3 beautiful children back home.
He is proud of where he's from, with a passion for his country.
Months of training.
Months of deployments.
He's getting shot at, sleeping little to none and always looking around the corner.
He's missing home cooked meals and his own bed.
Here's to those men.
They miss...
saying goodbye,
saying hello,
dance recitals,
hugs and kisses.
They sacrifice their time so that their family and country is safe.
They are the blood sweat and tears of this nation.
They are the breath that makes our flag fly.
On the calendar we only recognize our military once a year, but to their family and friends they are every day in our thoughts and prayers.  Whether they are home or away they are being thought of and worried about. We wait for the knock on the door and the next phone call.
Regardless of branch, time served, job title, or rank our military is appreciated, respected and honored by all.
Your to do list today: Thank a veteran.
P.S. I am not just thanking our military men but our military women also :-)

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