Friday, January 27, 2012

Superman braids and my tonsils revolt!

I am sick. My sinuses are draining wonderful puss boogers right down the back of my throat which makes it all raw and ooey and scratchy and hurt. So I am popping drugs, loosing my voice and apologizing to clients for sounding like a stupid ass on the phone. My frozen grapes (thanks Granny for turning me onto these little beauties) will hopefully make my ginormous tonsils feel better. I'm assuming that's the culprit of my pain since I look like a friggen chipmunk trying to stash nuts thanks to them being so big. Grrrr.

In running related events. 1/2 marathon training has began and all I have learned is that I hate hate hate running on a dreadmill. Super sad since that's pretty much my only option since E can't be left alone for a half hour a night while I run outside. Oh well with some trainer time and kettle ball training hopefully shiz will work out right and I can kick some arse! Then I can chill with Granny (please see link above) in September!

Superman learned to braid. Yes people it happened. Think manly man superman with muscles and brawn and protein shakes and lifting lots of lbs braiding the hair of Pinkie Pie. It was an experience of a lift time. Now to train him on using the tiny barelyfitaroundyourfinger hair bands :-)

Smiles and great whiles,


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