Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh to be 16 again...

Cheers to a wonderful little brother who is growing up!

Of course he couldn't be easy at all. He was a surprise and then he surprised the rest of us with coming on January 19th instead of April 1st like he was supposed to. I of course didn't get to see him until February 19th because his 3lb 7ounce little butt had to stay in the Nicu for a month, but it was still fun. Then of course he came with beeps and wires and all the fun things preemies require.

Fast forward to today. He's like 4 inches taller than me and can finally almost beat my butt at a wrestling match. I say almost because I'm pretty sure he can but I fight dirty and I really don't want to admit being able to lose to somebody that is 7 years younger than me regardless of size difference. He has a girlfriend!!! Shiz balls this makes a sister scared. Not because I don't like B-ritt (yes I just gangstered her name) because I really do but because he's the baby, he's my little one that's never supposed to grow up. I remember telling his little girlfriends (when he was like 12) that they weren't allowed to call the house. Some would say I was slightly overprotective and a little biznatchy.

So here's a huge virtual hug (I'm not a shitty sister I gave him a real one yesterday) to a wonderful little should not be growing up brother.

Love you so much I'm still very sorry I dropped you once,


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