Thursday, January 5, 2012

Classless asshats

I'm not a fan of hitting on people it's generally offensive and often time rude, especially when you're a client of mine.  I'm sorry Mr. Client but it's not my fault you are a 30 something single male and can not find a woman in this town because apparently all of them are married with kids and a boyfriend and two others waiting in line. Ummm OK...I know plenty of single women in this town that are completely single and kid free, maybe they are just telling you this because you are a CREEPER!!! Do not hit on women in professional places, maybe try taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and getting a hair cut. Laundering your clothes and wearing the same colored socks might also be a plus. When in the presence of a woman do not stare, ever! It is not OK, we find that highly offensive and you doing the whole body look up and down puts you into "neverfruckingspeaktohimagain" category and makes us want puke.

Next time try walking up to a person that attracts you and start with "Hi, my name is ----. How are you?" Do not go the whole "Hey baby saw you looking fine as hell from across the room, want another drink?" route. It will get you NOWHERE!

End of rant. I hate my Jetta, love my bed, enjoy my life and really need a bottle of wine.

27 minutes and counting...


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