Friday, September 9, 2011


Brain block. Blogger block. I get all these great ideas during work. Fantastic ideas like people smoking pot while driving and fat girls in short shorts. Then when I get home at night with more than 5 minutes to sit down, I turn on Dance Moms and forget all my wonderfulness.

A lot is happening in my wonderful life right now. So much that it would be crazy confusing and a little scary to publicly display, so I will highlight some of the points normal average people would not shiz themselves over.

I hate red wine, in fact I will be ok with never seeing a bottle of it again. Call me classy but grab me a beer please.

Miss E has horrible stage fright and shyness just like her momma. The plus to this is I will know how to help her deal with it, the negs is well she gets to puke before every thing and have mild to major panic attacks for the rest of her life.

Men and their manopause. Really? Just lay off it already or do what I do and be courteous enough to warn people! I do not need to be yelled at because you've got a snag in your balls...super sorry dude.

Maybe tonight I will sit down and write about all the things that I have sticky noted to the inside of my purse in the last 2 weeks.

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