Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Terrorist Tuesday

Ahhh the wonders of the wrist slicing Tuesday. When I get to that place in my life when working everyday isn't a requirement Tuesday will be my mid week day off. I will do nothing but sit around the house and watch movies while eating ridiculous amounts of junk food.

I have homemade, super chunky, extra cinnamony applesauce. It's making me dream of fall. Normally I wouldn't wish away summer, but here in the south it sucks. It's too hot and humid to do anything except get burnt at the swimming pool so at least in the fall you can go to the zoo or park or bbqs and not want to die. Also Starbucks will be serving up their wonderfully fabulous Pumpkin Spice Latte starting the first week of September! Ahhhh I can't wait.

Tonight will be full of back to school shopping. As excited as I was for it I'm now not. It seems so tedious. 2 boxes of small crayons and 2 boxes of large crayons and super special notebooks. Maybe High school will be easier, a ton of pens and some notebooks and a $500 calculator.



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