Saturday, March 16, 2013

How I do Saturday nights.

Cheers to all of you with fist fulls of green beer!
I however am sitting alone watching The Rise of the Guardians. E and I watched it the other night but I liked it enough and missed some parts so I decided it would be a perfect Saturday night affair.
My house is a disaster once again. I swear that it was spotless on Wednesday and here we are and it's a wreck. Remember the story of the shoemaker and the elves? The little guys sneak in during the night swift like the Tooth Fairy and make some poor man a pair of shoes. Now give me them but I would like them to do the dishes. That's all I ask, just the dishes. I'll take care of everything else. Oh wait, no, I would like the garbage taken out as well.
Mess aside E and I had a pretty darn good day! Superman sighting and then some damage to the credit card all with the windows down as we hit 81 degrees today!
Goodnight to all the stay at homers like me and don't drive to all of you indulging in green beer!

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