Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All the way!

Military life is hectic but as a spouse you make the best of it and enjoy the little things. Those little things are even better when you have someone to share them with. Which is why the voice mail I got from J this morning was hilarious. "How are you supposed to respond to 'All the Way!'" ?

When going into a military installation you are required to present id to the gate guys (this is not their proper title I apologize). Apparently at her other installation it was "Welcome to Ft. Wainwright have a good day." Which is easy to respond to as it's an open ended statement. So when we pull up to the gate and get an "All the Way". I give them an awkward thank you with a smile and drive off. What else can you say to that? Some of them do the "Thank you Ma'am have a good day" which I appreciate, but I'm assuming since we are home of the Airborne it's in their 'what to say' book?

I guess it's just another unanswered question in the military world.



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