Sunday, March 10, 2013


When you tell someone that you have a husband and kids they automatically assume that your life is boring. Yes, we don't spend 20 of our 48 hours a weekend at the bar, heck, we barely spend 20 hours a year without the kids! Bed time is at 8 and we never stay in bed past 830 in the morning.  However our very laid back lifestyle doesn't mean that something isn't always happening. I post a lot of E-isms as 5yr olds say some very very funny things, but tonight you are going to get a Superman-ism.

Our conversation went like this....

Me: (about him heading back to work)Well I don't want you to get in trouble.

Him: Nah. I'm like a ninja.

Me: Ninja? You are amazing.

Him: I move in the shadows. Quiet like a breeze.

Me: Swift like a tiger?

Him: Swift like Taylor.

Me: Dude she's annoying as **** and sounds like a goat being battle axed.

Then we went on to discuss Paleo.

See old and married with kids is not all as uneventful as you'd think.

In other weekend news. E and I spent a very long but funtastic day with our friends. We trekked to the kids museum and ran around crazy chasing 4 kids all under the age of 6, then while everyone was tired and starving, because of course we didn't stop for lunch, I get us lost. A suburban full of starving crappy people with a gas gage hanging on empty and we are lost. Perfect. After scaring the front desk at a hospital for directions (phones suck in the boonies) we find a gas station and restaurant. Food, end of drive home, let the kids play for a couple more hours and boom, day is over.

Exhausting and eventful yes? Never underestimate a boring lifestyle :-)



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