Thursday, January 10, 2013

So what do I do?

I have ranted and raved about helicopter parents before but something was brought up the other night at a preschool meeting for E that just made me shake my head and want to throw something.

Preschool is prekindergarten, your kids are supposed to get used to hand raising, quiet working, independence and structure. The teachers are there to make sure that your child knows what they need to know before they head onto the big school of elementary. While in the meeting we were given a rough schedule of their day to day and that there would be a couple field trips scheduled for the spring. Helicopter parent of the year was appalled that while learning about family pets a trip to Petsmart might happened so that the kids can learn about what pet might be a fit for their family. Why? Well because what if while on this field trip somebody kidnapped her kid? WTmF seriously lady? Go along with as a chaperon and hold your child's hand the whole time, or trust the teachers when they say that they will take extra teachers along if they cannot get the proper amount of parent volunteers. Heck maybe you better lock your child to your leg as you head off to the grocery store tonight so your child doesn't get snatched out from under you nose. I swear.

This lovely helicopter mom was also concerned that if it kept getting "cold" at 50 degrees that her child should not be outside in that kind of weather, "it is too low for any one's child to be out in". Once again she got a mouth drop and a weird look from this mom. Too cold at 50? I get that it's the south and I get that these people like their 80 degree days, but back home a snowsuit is a requirement in winter because unless it is below zero with windchill the kids go outside. People and kids survive up there every day!

Call me crazy if you agree but people need to start letting their kids be kids. We owe them the opportunity to experience life, not be saran wrapped in a bubble suit for their entire life because something might just happen to them.

A night with too many cookies and the cats.


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  1. I agree! Kids need a little more independence and a little less hovering.


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