Friday, January 11, 2013

I am the winner! Well kinda...

Greatest daughter in law ever here! I just magically called on Superman's mother's birthday. I knew it was close to my littlest brother's birthday so I was really calling to ask :-) I am magical, now she knows that I will be late on her card, but last year things were a little different on her birthday so this is my first real one and I believe I get a free pass.

Yesterday I did get somebodies birthday right. Kane turns 17 on the 19th. He's the baby and now he's almost all grown up, he's taller than me, has had a steady girlfriend for over a year now and has a job and truck and all that teenage boy jazz. It makes me proud but he's a pretty darn good guy, but sad because he will always be the little 3lb thing laying in the incubator at the hospital to me. So in his big boy card I sent him some moola, you know your little brother is grown up when you have to write "P.S. This is NOT beer money" after the "Love you".

I am now off to drink some Captain while watching the cat attack a spot on the wall and watch a sports movie.

Happy weekend!


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