Monday, October 6, 2014

Picture perfect weekend

I love lazy weekends. I love busy weekends. I love short weekends and I love long weekends even more. Safe to say weekends are my favorite part of the week because it's all about living, we don't go to work, we don't go to school and we can do whatever we want to!

This past weekend we met my parents in the Outer Banks along with my sister in law and brother. It was chilly but a nice last weekend at the beach (per Superman but I'll make him go more).   I am pretty known in my house for snapping at least one photo a day even if I don't put it up on the FB or IG, I like to store those special moments. So for your viewing pleasure......


Even though she had to be whiny and needy because Grandma and Papa were around she always calms and takes in every moment as soon as her toes hit the sand. She will miss the beach the most when we leave.

With Superman I have learned to take multiple photos because he always makes stupid faces when the phone comes out to show his hatred for the selfie. However, when you take 10+ shots you end up with him and his wonderful smile. Swoon.

Under the pier. If this isn't beauty I don't know what is. Crashing waves and the warm sun over a cool breeze and it was a glorious day.

Pizza is always the answer. Everybody bolted so Superman, Miss E and I stole Aunt Shelby and chowed down before we left for the weekend. I would have taken a picture of the garlic knots but they disappeared before I could get my phone out. 

And that my friends was our wonderful weekend. Short and sweet and full of the ones I love. Just how I like my weekends.



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