Monday, October 20, 2014

How was your sleep?

Oh hey Monday go-ers!

I slept like shit. This shouldn't surprise me since the last couple of weeks have gone that way. It's not the temperature, or that I can't shut my mind off, I don't hurt and the room isn't too light, dark, hot or cold. We have 100+ lb of dog on the bed. The fur balls, I love them, but they take up more space that a grown human.  Our queen bed fits Superman and I perfectly, enough space that we can sleep apart but it's not too large that cuddling takes a small journey to get to one another, perfect. Now we add dog. Izzy came to us at 8 weeks, tiny and cute and 8lbs of little loves. She would curl up in between our pillows and we never had an issue. After she hit about 20lbs and was sleeping through the night, she got moved to the floor, once again no issues. Then The B came along. a loving, lumbering, lips so large his eyes sag, love bug. He's 7 months old and already 45 lbs and apparently his previous owners let him sleep with them. So now that B is up on the bed (he sneaks up after we fall asleep) Izzy feels left out and will jump up as well. B isn't a big issue for me because he sleeps between Superman's legs at the bottom of the bed, Izzy is a bed hog. She's a snuggler and so sweet and cute, but she takes up more room that I do. Reason? She still likes to try and fit in between our pillows like she could when she was little. Ya....not working so hot. Sleep training pets is as bad as children, which is why E was never allowed in my bed when she was little. Momma don't play with the sleep.

My awesome bed illustration.

As you can see the little room Superman and I do have is overlapped by the fur. Now I know why people have 10lb dogs.



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