Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Terrorist Tuesday

While everyone is bitching about all the nonsense regarding everything football ads, coaches speeches and players actions I would like you to take a moment of silence for this very dear soul.

Greater the crotchety old bastard flamingo

Greater was 83 when he passed last Friday. He survived the end of the Great Depression and lived through World War II residing at a zoo in Australia. I'm going with crotchety old bastard because the average lifespan of a flamingo is 20-30 years, he said fuck you statistics and pushed on, even after a reported incident with "youths" a couple years ago. I do not know if they were human 10 year olds being shitheads or if they were 2yr old flamingos being asses either way he kicked them to the curb and lived on.

So today all of you bitching about Superbowl ads and morning commutes, you are the terrorist.

Good day.


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