Monday, February 3, 2014

It's a typical Monday

Usually I am the hater of Tuesdays and tomorrow will probably be no different. Today, however, I am joining the rest of the world and hating on Monday. Reasons?

My hair dryer is shorting out. I only buy the $40 Target dryers so it's not a huge splurge and they usually last for a couple years but still, hate.

I straightened my hair. My hair is longer than I have had it in over 3 years and it's driving me crazy plus my roots are awful so I keep it up. This usually wouldn't be such an issue but humidity is 90% and it's 65 degrees which means in about 5 minutes I'm going to look like I just stuck my finger in the light socket.

My beloved phone is committing suicide. It keeps randomly turning off and and last night decided to not turn on after 7 pm. ANARCHY!

Large DD will pull me through and fingers crossed my clients aren't bat shit crazy. Also, I want to know how to become a puppy bowl ref, Animal Planet please pick me!



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