Friday, February 15, 2013

MegaStuf Friday

A pregnancy inspired post.

MegaStuf Oreos and CAH fried pickles. I am only taking blame for one of these beauties and CAH will take the rest.

As we all know Superman is the king of triple stacking double stuffs, so imagine my surprise when I found MegaStufs in the cookie aisle.  I introduced them first to a fellow coworker who will be having her son Kason in March!  She loved Oreos as is and well lets just say Kason loves megastufs more :-)

So tonight while we are out to eat at CAH I get this wonderful picture and a text reading "new blog...megastuf Friday". I of course had to send her the picture of the pickles I had demolished as retaliation.  This preggo loves her pickles and sweet tea about as equally as Oreos so it was a low blow but it had to be done as one does not fling around pictures of Oreos with no comeback.

So my friends welcome to MegaStuf Friday! 

The preggo would also like to complain about "hot spots". She despises her hot spots.



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