Monday, November 3, 2014

Except for Monday.....

This fatigue that has been plaguing me for the last couple of weeks needs to be gone. There are not enough naps or gallons of coffee it seems. I tried lining up my REM cycles the last couple of nights but that's hasn't made a difference either. OVER IT!

In other news, we attended 2 birthday parties for this weekend and yesterday's was at the roller skating rink. E has never skated before and after getting there and getting her laced up I feel like a small failure. I used to live at the skating rink, every Friday and Saturday night and every birthday party was there. She did pretty well and I had to drag her away at the end of the night. 

Did you know roller skating rinks still smell like they did in the 90s?
Thousands of sweaty kid feet maybe? It was definitely a memory snagger.
Trick or Treating was also a success, my little witch spent about an hour roaming around before she finally had enough. 

All in all a decent pretty good weekend.

I hope your week treats you well!



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