Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Munch Munch Jiggle Jiggle

Things that shouldn't shake are doing just that. I remember pre-E when things that shook when asked to were hot and sexy; post-E things that shake voluntarily are not so attractive. Damn it sucks. Thank sweet baby Jesus that Hubs loves me regardless of the random bits of flab and no matter how much he tells me I'm sexy but the girl in me can't look past the flabby arms and stomach that stretches extirely too far for my liking.

The solution to this problem is exercising to tone and tighten. I have tried somewhat but it's hard working 40hrs a week with some of the most ridiculous people on the planet and then coming home to chase a 3year old and put up with a cheeseball hubs. Sooo....

I have decided to lower stress and flab I will begin running. I used to in high school and actually enjoy it so Im giving it another go. If I don't come back soon you will know what happened.

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